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Daisy Aschehoug’s new book is here

I am happy to be a part of the C&T blog hop for my good friend Daisy Aschehoug's book on Quilting with Curves. You, dear reader, can win a digital copy of the book.
Daisy Aschehoug: Quilting with Curves
Daisy Aschehoug’s new book is available in print as well as digitally. (C & T Publishing, Inc.)

Here in Norway, where I (and Daisy) live, most people need to learn what a blog hop is. So let me invent a new Norwegian phrase: «blogge-dugnad.» «Dugnad» is an old Norse word for volunteering, dating back to the Viking era a thousand years ago. The Vikings themselves probably were not clever at this. But volunteering is well rooted in Norwegian society’s fabric (sic). I am so happy to have the opportunity to contribute to a trans-Atlantic «blogge-dugnad» in honor of Daisy.

Surname and quilts

I ran into Daisy Aschehoug on Instagram 6 or 7 years ago. Her Norwegian surname caught my attention, in addition to the fantastic quilts she presented. We kept in touch on the Internet. When she moved to Norway with her family in 2017, I soon visited her studio in Oslo. I was impressed by what I saw there.

Later, Daisy moved to the beautiful rural district of Nesodden outside of Oslo. There, she built a new studio at Nesoddparken, a cultural epicenter housing many artists in various art fields.

Daisy Aschehoug: Quilting with Curves
A visit to Daisy’s studio at Nesoddparken, south of Oslo, Norway. (Photo: Toralv Østvang.)

I have had the honor of paying multiple visits to her impressive new studio. Daisy’s artistic talent was beneficial – in that studio – during the campaign of The Scandinavian Modern Quilters in support of Ukranian refugees last year. We donated one of the finest quilts, based on blocks from quilters in Norway, Sweden, Australia, and the USA and quilted by Daisy, to The Ukrainian Embassy of Oslo.

An excellent teacher

I enjoyed attending some of Daisy’s lectures and a class at Quiltcamp Norway in 2019. Daisy is an excellent teacher, attentive, patient, and good with people. She is funny with a great laugh. I am happy to have her as a friend and a sister-in-arms. Norwegian quilters are lucky to have her among us.

Daisy Aschehoug: Quilting with Curves
Spinoff was reworked to Wired. (Photo: Daisy Aschehoug & Toralv Østvang.)

The book may be yours

Daisy’s new book, Quilting with Curves, contains 20 beautiful quilts and projects. They look intricate but are easy to sew, thanks to Daisy explaining the curved piecing technique in great detail. The book will contribute to making you an expert quilter.  

By the way, a digital copy of Quilting with Curves may be yours for free. One of you who has read this post will win a digital book copy. The rules of the contest are simple. Comment below this post in Norwegian, English, or whatever language you choose.

But you have to hurry. The winner will be announced already on July 1, 2023.

Daisy Aschehoug: Quilting with Curves
Bumps & Thorns and my UFO. (Photo: Daisy Aschehoug & Toralv Østvang.)

(The commentary section is in Norwegian – no time to translate to English. Kommentar = Comment. Navn = Name. E-post = E-mail. Nettsted = Web site. Publiser kommentar = Publish comment.)

Mali har vært ivrig quilter siden hun bodde i New York tidlig på 1990-tallet. Etter hvert har interessen gått sterkt i retning av moderne quilting.


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